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On Writing And Bravery

One of the things that I have always dreamed of is getting a story published. Obviously the first thing you need to do to get that done is to write something. I have for many years had a love/hate relationship with writing. I love writing and thinking of stories, but get impatient with the process, and also disillusioned with my efforts. Thus my stories tend to die a quick death after only a few pages. My Editor-In-Chief has often told me that I need to finish one of the stories I have written.  

I have wondered recently if my lack of finishing of stories is about a lack of confidence in my writing abilities. If I finish something, then others would read it, and then they might not like it. Recently I have written thousands of words, all for blogs. I haven’t had much in the way of criticism for my musings, so I figured I could be brave and write some more of my fiction. But still it’s not happening. Yet here on blogs I am quite happy to tap away on the typewriter.  

So in an effort to transform that newer attitude to writing from professional to personal, I think I will share bits of my writing here, and maybe progress on my stories.


6 thoughts on “On Writing And Bravery

  1. Great idea – and I look forward to reading them. I’ve often had stories in my head and occasionally go over them in my head but am reluctant to put them down on paper/computer 1) because there’s no plot and it just rambles and 2) because the minute it’s written down it becomes fixed and unchanging, while in my head I can always change events around, etc. Two writers I’ve admired just advise to start writing, fullstop. Don’t even bother with a plan – just write it as it comes and figure out how to put it all together later. That would be my “strategy” if I ever ended up writing anything. Good luck! 🙂

    1. Thanks Judi 🙂

      I often start, know where I want to get to, and get impatient to get there, so stop… 😆

      This will be interesting to see how I go with this… But I suspect there will be some odd, and some interesting posts.. Well for me anyway 😆

  2. Excellent idea Mike, I’m looking forward to seeing some “outputs” 🙂 I’m especially looking forward to the “interesting posts” – oh and thanks for the Brownie recipe – now that I have a kitchen again I might even try it out!

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