Writing On The Web: Forums and Blogs

KiwiWriters.org - Come and Join Us!

This blog is not my first attempt at using the web as a way to spur on the writing process. Previously I had joined the community site Kiwi Writers [login dracos], which is a forum site. It didn’t really work for me, even though I liked the site. It is a good community, and I can see how the challenges and forums would help. I think though I need to get the writing started first.  Not that I did much last night, but I did do some work on the first assignment for the web writing course I am doing.


2 thoughts on “Writing On The Web: Forums and Blogs

  1. As the ancient mum of the blogophile and senior member of the family, my thoughts are to(a few ancient cliches) take the bull by the horns, throw caution to the wind make hay while the sunshines then take to the hills if needed. This is my first ever visit to a blog.

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