Madness: Death Row Dog On Trial

Candy: Death Row Dog!

So in our latest mad, spur of the moment, lunacy we have rescued a dog from the pound!

Candy, a pure breed Golden Labrador, who is between one and half and three years old, has had a last-minute reprieve, when we heard she was due to go the heavenly kennels. Instead she has come home for a two week “trial” with us.

Hmmmm… The boys thinks she is wonderful! 😆


6 thoughts on “Madness: Death Row Dog On Trial

  1. Why cant you blokes stick to chocolate brownies. Please give her a decent name she’ll be emotionally scarred for the rest of her life with a handle like that.

    1. It’s a bit hard to rename her, especially since the boys are already used to that name. At least we can say it wasn’t our fault as that’s the name she came with 😆

  2. She’s lovely! Well done you for rescuing her. My brother had a part-lab also called Candy. The name suited her as it reflected her sweet nature.

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