Movie Values

I am not one to decry over moral values in movies {much}, but a couple of things recently has had me thinking. I was watching Revenge of The Nerds the over night, and was struck with how much casual nudity was included in eighties comedy. A lot more than now! And also how much more violent movies seem to be now. 

That was illustrated by this article from Stuff  Peter Jackson asked to up the agony. After test showings of his new movie The Lovely Bones Peter felt he needed to up the gore and suffering.

“Jackson told Reuters he was taken aback to find that in early screenings audiences “were simply not satisfied” with a scene of one character’s death.

“They wanted far more violence,” Jackson said, so the Lord of the Rings director went back to the editing room to “basically add more violence and suffering”.”

Isn’t the story horrific enough? That just seems wrong…

The EIC and myself think if there is going to be more of anything it should be external skin and not internal organs!


2 thoughts on “Movie Values

  1. You are showing your age when you start thinking along the same lines that your ancient ma has for a long time. Well done. I am proud of you.

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