A Productive Two Nights

Friday night and tonight have proved to be productive.

I have finished over half assignment one for the web writing course I am doing. It is due next friday, so thats good going for me to have started it a week out 🙂  

I have also made a start on a new novel to be called at this stage “A Darkening Dawn“. More details to come as I write [Isn’t that a positive statement!] I finished chapter one at 2500 words. Which leads me to a question? How long is your average chapter, or book length? Just pondering, as it seemed like the right length and all, but I don’t know.


4 thoughts on “A Productive Two Nights

    1. That’s the aim.. I also want to do the whole podcast thing with it eventually… 🙂
      But that’s counting my chickens before they are hatched… Going strong at the moment.. When I have got far enough in on the first pass that I am comfortable saying I will finish it I will probably post up the first chapter or two, and a description of some sort 😉

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