Death Row Dog On The Loose

So the Death Row Dog looks like she will have a more permanent reprieve than two weeks. 🙂

The only trouble is she is a bit of an escape artist. 😆

The EIC was on the bike with smallest tornado child and heading off to pick up largest mischief, when she heard a pant, pant, pant beside her, and looking down there was a happy dog going for a wee walk. 😆 Unsurprisingly Candy is a bit nervous about being left alone.

So, we have set up a rope as a temporary run line. Now we will need to look for a kennel and run. We found this one called “Mutt Manor” at RD1 but the price is a bit prohibitive. We might have to just see what we can find second-hand on Trade Me.


One thought on “Death Row Dog On The Loose

  1. I have a large plastic kennel which I’ve been thinking of listing on TradeMe. Offers welcome (and you’d have to pick up from Ashhurst!) Let me know if you’re interested. I just need to clean it up.

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