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A Good Weekend

I am very pleased with the weekend’s effort. I finished my assignment, a week before due date. Usually (as in pretty much every case previously) assignments are finished very early the morning of the day they are due. 🙂

I wrote just over 3000 words on the new novel, finishing chapter one, and getting a good start on number two. I am feeling quite positive about the writing, and I am looking to not good too bogged down in extraneous fiddling.  Although I already need a map, and as I can’t draw, I will need to find some sort of free online mapping programme that can produce a half way decent map 😆

Aims for this week:

  • Work through next module and start on one after that for course work.
  • Finish Chapter two, and get a good start on Chapter three of A Darkening Dawn
  • Bonus to feel really virtuous – Finish Chapter three and start Chapter four.
  • Word count aim: 3000 by Friday

4 thoughts on “A Good Weekend

  1. Its good stuff that you’ve written too 🙂 I am continuing to plod through my attempt at a kids novel, now that you are writing in such a dedicated fashion I feel obliged to keep up…Lol.

  2. Oh for the life of a librarian, I am impressed by your aims for the week. Mine is just to get to the gym and lose a Kg by Friday.

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