Iron Dragons: Book 1 – The Saramond Quests by Derek Gilbert: A Review

We finished The Rookie and went looking for more Podiobooks to listen too. We listened to a number of different starting episodes in our hunt, and the next one to grab us was Iron Dragons by Derek Gilbert.

How could we go passed a story with the first line being, “Dragon pee really stinks”. What a hook 😆

We both really enjoyed this one. The authors voice and pacing in reading his work was excellent. I think the voice is one of the most important things for audiobooks and podiobooks. The story itself was well passed and flowed from scene to scene, with good characterisation and a nice descriptive turn of phrase. I did feel though that one of the side adventures could have been missed, and the whole “starman” sub plot was unnecessary. I am thinking though that it is part of an overarching world plot, but I was still a bit disappointed. I was enjoying my fantasy without adding sci/fi. 🙂

Anyway, we enjoyed the story and will look forward to more in the series.


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