Inordinately Pleased With Oneself

On Friday last week, I set about on my latest writing crusade. By the end of the week, I was happy with progress, and put down some aims for the coming week. By the end of the week(well almost) I have achieved two aims, but the ones I haven’t completed I am not too unhappy about. 🙂

Aims for this week:

  • Work through next module and start on one after that for course work. [Done]
  • Finish Chapter two, and get a good start on Chapter three of A Darkening Dawn [Not Done]
  • Bonus to feel really virtuous – Finish Chapter three and start Chapter four. [Not Done]
  • Word count aim: 3000 by Friday [Done]

I reached my word count aim, and discovered that chapter two is going to be much longer than chapter one. It is three and half thousand words and only half way there! Having not got this far into a story in ages it is hard to judge. But hay… 🙂

So aims for next week:

  • Finish next module.
  • Word count aim: 3000 words by Friday. Bringing total word count to 9000 words.

As for the EIC, she has been writing a children’s story aimed at our eldest boys age group. She is pleased because he liked it.


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