A Good Crop

We were out at the block again this morning, after driving the route the house will take, and trying to figure out which bits the house moving company will say are going to be problems. We think there is only one spot… So it should be all good!

We will be chatting to the man from the house moving company (Britton) this week, and to a crew who put in water tanks and sewerage systems. After getting a report on wastewater, and seeing that even if we go to a composting toilet system, we still need a septic tank (which we didn’t want at all), it looks like we will just go with a normal system.

We inspected the fruit trees, and it looks like we have only lost one,  a sour cherry called Monmorency. Not bad from just under a hundred tress. unfortunately it looks like vast numbers of the firewood seedlings didn’t take. One of the cherries has black aphids which need dealing to and we are grateful it is only one! A couple of the trees have gone crazy and produced fruit. If they don’t drop naturally, we will probably de-fruit soon, as we want them to put all their energy into growing root systems and branches…


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