More On The Golden Clipper Podiobooks

We have finished our binge of the podiobooks by Nathan Lowell in his Golden Age of The Solar Clipper series. It didn’t take long for us to run through all five books, especially when you are listening to three or four episodes a night. It might have to admit to the fact that some of the lake of diligence displayed in my writing other the last two weeks, may just have something to do with the fact that I needed to keep listening. 😆

I have to say that the whole series is excellent, even though we found the second in the sequence the most challenging, but I can see why he put it in there. I will be awaiting the concluding story Owners Share which is due to drop sometime in 2010 with anticipation.  I  understand that Nathan is inking a deal to put the books out in print format. It will be interesting to see what differences emerge between versions after a professional editor has passed their pen over the manuscript. I will also be curious to see if Nathan re-releases the podiobooks updated to reflect any changes made in the print publishing process.

Now we need to figure out what we will listen to now. 🙂

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Boxing Day Sales, Cherries, Berries And Demo

The TBT had both received Warehouse Gift Cards for Christmas, so we decided to brave the hoards at our local and go get some Lego for the eldest (his choice), and Duplo for the youngest (his choice). Upon arriving we found, firstly not many people there, and secondly lots of bare shelves. We think maybe the second had a lot to do with the first. 🙂 So a quick trip to the big smoke of Palmy North was required, where upon we found full shelves and a Warehouse full of people. 😆  Anyhow happy boys with their purchases, and we managed to get out of the shop alive and not baring any scars!


Christmas has been good, with the first berries from the Logan Berries, and the first Cherries from the two cherry trees out front. Yum, makes me impatient for when all of the trees out at Entfarm are producing! Maybe we need some sort of super growth agent to let them fast forward through several years Growth!

We have finished most of the first part of demo work on one of the chimney’s, with just the backing wall needing to come down now. Work is starting a pace from here on in I think!.

This week, as I am not working, I intend to catchup with study, write another 3,000 words, mow lawns, spray thistles on the block, and do more prep work around the house for the big move. Not sure if that sounds like much of a holiday really 😆 



Flannel Cakes From The American Woman’s Cook Book Edited by Ruth Berolzhiemer

One of the EIC’s joys is collecting old and well used cook books. The latest addition to the collection is The American Woman’s Cook Book (1947) edited by Ruth Berolzhiemer. It is a great book with lots of interesting recipes including a whole section on cooking at altitude. It’s obvious when you find out, but the temperature of boiling water is lower at higher altitudes, and baking times also change. I never really thought about it.

Amongst the recipes there is a whole raft of recipes for pancakes and the one we tried called Flannel cakes looks to be a real winner!

Flannel Cakes

  • 2 cups sifted flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 3 teaspoons baking powder
  • 2 eggs, separated
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 tablespoon melted shortening (we used butter)

Sift flour, salt and baking powder together. Beat egg yolks and add milk and shortening (butter). Beat in flour mixture with rotary beater. Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. Bake on hot griddle(must get a griddle 🙂 ), turning to brown both sides. Makes 24.

EIC says these light and fluffy pancakes are going to become a real favourite.


Death Row Dog Saved

So it looks a lot like Death Row Dog (AKA Candy, AKA Cat Chaser, AKA Getoutofit) is going to be a permanent member of the family. It does mean that fencing on the new block will be a priority as she has a habit of taking her self for walks…

But how can you not want to keep those eyes.



I very important step was taken today in our mad journey to being hippy treehugging Entfarmers.

We paid the deposit and lodged the consents for first picking up the building, then putting it down.

OUr council is good, so we should have all the ticks in place early January, so we look on target for a move day of mid to late February…

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The Christmas Cleanup

Again not so much happening on the writing front. With the house moving, moving up into full throttle action (such great timing just before Christmas), and very busy days at work, there just doesn’t seem to be the time.

We decided this morning that we had probably been spending too much attention on the block, and not enough on the town section. As we don’t want to look scruffy for Christmas we have launched into operation pre-Christmas cleanup. Lawns are being mowed, edges done, and gardens weeded! 😆

The two tornadoes have end-of-yearitus, but are happy to be on holiday and the littlest is really looking forward to Christmas..  

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The Copenhagen Climate Change Calamity Capsule And Scrubber

With all this chatter going on about a ETS [Emissions Trading Scheme] and how to combat climate change, one inevitably ends up reading a whole lot of different opinions from the barmy conspiracy theories of Ian Wishart to the various reports from the IPPC.

For myself, I am not a “believer” nor a “denier”, more mildly sceptical. I so want the deniers to be right, because that would be the easiest option. 🙂 However I think it as extremely obvious that carbon emissions should and will impact on the environment, and that we should do as much as possible to  mitigate those impacts.

It also seems to me, that instead of spending millions of dollars on meetings trying to establish a global trading system for a pollutant which will then cost the world billions more, we could spend a fraction of that on developing technologies to reduce carbon emissions and to scrub them from the atmosphere. Or maybe that’s just the science fiction fan in me. 😆