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Objectives, Death Row Dogs, And Houses on The Move

It was another successful week on the writing front, as I finished chapter two, started chapter three and reached my target of 3,000 words for the week to Friday. I am sitting at just over 9,600 words, which feels great. I can’t wait to clock over 10,000 words this weekend. ALthough the studying has not gone as well, as I keep get distracted by writing. Can’t say I am too upset by that, but must do better. šŸ™‚Ā 

Death Row Dog AKA Candy is settling into the family quite nicely. Her and Pooch have a lovely time playing together, and the eldest tornado child wants both to be sleeping in his room with him.

The house moving is a step closer as we have verballyĀ accepted an offer on the land, and next week we will sign the paper work. We are starting to book in the various contractors, with the first date we need confirmed being the septic tank/water crew, as they need to be finished before the house moves on.


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