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Writing and Studying

It’s an interesting thing this writing process. After so many years of non-starts, and letting fear hold me back, I am finding the whole process much easier than I thought. It’s like a light bulb has gone on in the back of the mind and as soon as I sit down, I find it’s no problem to knock of the next little bit. I have finished chapter three, and today started chapter four. My target for the end of the week was another 3,000 words, and by friday night to be over 12,000. Well as of today I am at 11,300, and I am thinking I might be able to crack 15,000 by friday. Since friday I have already written 2,000 words.

The only thing holding back at the moment in study. I am beginning to resent having to study and have started to put it off. I think that will need to stop, as the course is interesting and what I am learning about web page design is going to be valuable for me in the long run. Even if now I have some regrets at starting the course, but I wasn’t to know that my writing would finally start to take the place in my life I thought it should 🙂


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