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Trees! Watch Out House Coming Through!

I talked to the house moving people again today. What a bunch of characters. Just chop the house here, or pull out that tree there. No problem. We will sort lift the house this side about nine feet into the air, then drop it down again there. Maybe bash our way through there. Your house is sturdy right?


LOL. The end result is there is about 200 metres of tree lined road between taking the house in one piece or two… So now we need to see if people won’t mind us chopping that tree down and that one and that one…. And maybe that one for good measure!!




5 thoughts on “Trees! Watch Out House Coming Through!

    1. Fortunately all the trees that need cutting back are on road reserve, or river reserve land, and all we need is council permission. Knowing the council that shouldn’t be too difficult. And the biggest is a willow, which A: regenerates from nothing really easily and B: is a problem plant [too invasive].

  1. Oh dear, the things we do just to live in the country. Sounds drastic. I do hope you are having fun and not gaining too many grey hairs.

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