Golden Age of the Solar Clipper – Review

We have had a real binge recently of listening to podiobooks. We not only found a good book, but it was the first part in a series of five others, all complete. The series is called A Traders Tale From the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper, and is written by Nathan Lowell. You can find his blog at Trader’s Diary.

So far we have listened to the first in the series Quarter Share, and the second Half Share. The first book was great. Nothing much happens, but it doesn’t happen really well. The story is just a gentle coming of age, dealing with changes in circumstances type story. No real drama, or conflicts. There is a whole chapter devoted to the main character making coffee. Not normally interesting, but the way it was written and read was just wonderful.

The second was not quite as fun, as Nathan took the story into dealing with issues about relationships on board a mixed gender space ship. The tone changed, and even though it was still well written and read, I just didn’t really like the change of tone so much. Hopefully on the next one he has got that out of his system and moves in another direction. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Golden Age of the Solar Clipper – Review

  1. Thanks for the write up!

    Each book is different and many people find Half Share to be problematic because of the relationship issues. It’s hard not to write a coming of age story without dealing with them, tho. I’d be the first to admit I might have done it better/differently, I’m still happy with the way it sets up later relationships. The more important strand – IMHO – is the Sarah Krugg story and the importance of belief.

    Full Share does go in a different direction and for a different take on the universe altogether, don’t overlook South Coast for some background on the South Coast Shaman.

    Thanks again and I’ll be interested to hear your take on the rest of the series.

  2. Thanks Nathan.

    We are about to start listening to Full Share, although we had some technical issues as for some reason our Ipod won’t play it. Having to burn to CD to listen to.. Go figure… 😉

    We will definitely listen to South Coast as both myself and my partner liked the Sarah Krugg storyline, and the Shaman idea. We are looking forward to seeing who Ishmael gives the rest of the welkies (sp?) too.

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