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The Copenhagen Climate Change Calamity Capsule And Scrubber

With all this chatter going on about a ETS [Emissions Trading Scheme] and how to combat climate change, one inevitably ends up reading a whole lot of different opinions from the barmy conspiracy theories of Ian Wishart to the various reports from the IPPC.

For myself, I am not a “believer” nor a “denier”, more mildly sceptical. I so want the deniers to be right, because that would be the easiest option. 🙂 However I think it as extremely obvious that carbon emissions should and will impact on the environment, and that we should do as much as possible to  mitigate those impacts.

It also seems to me, that instead of spending millions of dollars on meetings trying to establish a global trading system for a pollutant which will then cost the world billions more, we could spend a fraction of that on developing technologies to reduce carbon emissions and to scrub them from the atmosphere. Or maybe that’s just the science fiction fan in me. 😆



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