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Boxing Day Sales, Cherries, Berries And Demo

The TBT had both received Warehouse Gift Cards for Christmas, so we decided to brave the hoards at our local and go get some Lego for the eldest (his choice), and Duplo for the youngest (his choice). Upon arriving we found, firstly not many people there, and secondly lots of bare shelves. We think maybe the second had a lot to do with the first. 🙂 So a quick trip to the big smoke of Palmy North was required, where upon we found full shelves and a Warehouse full of people. 😆  Anyhow happy boys with their purchases, and we managed to get out of the shop alive and not baring any scars!


Christmas has been good, with the first berries from the Logan Berries, and the first Cherries from the two cherry trees out front. Yum, makes me impatient for when all of the trees out at Entfarm are producing! Maybe we need some sort of super growth agent to let them fast forward through several years Growth!

We have finished most of the first part of demo work on one of the chimney’s, with just the backing wall needing to come down now. Work is starting a pace from here on in I think!.

This week, as I am not working, I intend to catchup with study, write another 3,000 words, mow lawns, spray thistles on the block, and do more prep work around the house for the big move. Not sure if that sounds like much of a holiday really 😆 



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