New Year Resolutions

With the start of the year comes New Year Resolutions. If you are anything like me then usually you make a large list in your head, then promptly ignore it. 😆

So for this year we shall try a mixture of writing them down, ensuring they are achievable and working them into what is currently happening.

Whats  Definitely Happening

  • Completing Certificate in Web Design.
  • Putting house on back of truck and moving it to the bare block.


  1. Finish Course work
  2. Finish one story, and edit.

Rough Targets

  • Write 3000 words a week.
  • Complete first draft of Darkening Dawn by May.

All this with the fact that sometimes will busier than others especially with study and moving 🙂

This week, as my second assignment is due on the 23rd, I am concentrating on that. So far I have finished most of three of the five questions! Not bad I say!

O yes, and regularly update blog! 🙂


One thought on “New Year Resolutions

  1. I have a couple of goals too…
    – complete and edit my kids book, I’m getting closer, really I am.
    – get book critiqued by my nearest and dearest and send on the manuscript rounds.
    – survive the house move with minimal sedation 😉

    It’s going to be a really exciting year 🙂

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