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Writers Shoulders

Since the E.I.C. has nearly finished her children’s story (and it’s a cracker even if I am biased), I figured I needed to get on with writing my own.  Hers is a shorter one, but still since before Christmas, A Darkening Dawn has languished at the 12,000 word mark, with me half way through writing chapter four. So tonight we hit the charge again. After such a good start towards the end of last year it is time to put the pedal to the metal again! 3,000 words later we are into chapter five and hitting our stride again.

I want to keep going for as long as possible tonight, except despite the rain, we went out with the new scythe and took to more thistles and grass. Now I have Scything shoulders, or is that writing shoulders from being hunched over the keyboard.  Must remember to sit up straight while typing!

On the good news we got a letter from the council saying we needed to pay a little more for our consents and then it is all go! We took that to mean they have approved the consents. Next week we should get a moving date. Exciting!


2 thoughts on “Writers Shoulders

  1. Thanks Penny.. All going well the first draft will be finished my May… That’s the aim…

    What I am really hoping is that I will have it edited enough that I can record and put up on Podiobooks by October 🙂

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