One of the things that both myself and the E.I.C. have been asked when discussing our mad house move to the country is “why this house?” The questioner usually quite reasonably points out that yes it may have been simpler to built new, but the costs would have been more. Or maybe purchase another relocate?

There are a couple of answers to that. The first being we like and know this house, and have already invested resources in it. So there is less to do when we get out there.

The other is history. There has been a couple of things this week that reinforce that sense of history.

Firstly, while pulling down the chimney we got to the concrete base, and etched into that base is 1951, the year it was poured. Poured by the E.I.C’s grandfather (known to all as Mate) when he built the house for himself and Gran. So this house has a lot of family history in it, and now is occupied by the E.I.C. who is not going anywhere.

Also we remembered that Mate had stored a bit of wood under the house when he built it. So we figured we would head under and see if there was enough there to help with the patching of the sides of the house after chimney demo. We haven’t removed a third of the wood and we already have enough of the weatherboards to replace one whole side of the house! And enough floor boards to mend the floor. All perfectly dry after being stored under the house for sixty years.

So we can repair the house with original Matai weather board and floor. Mate once told me that when he built the house he went out to the forest with the boys, pointed at a couple of Matai trees and said I’ll have that one, and that one, and that one. How could you leave that to be pulled up by someone who wouldn’t understand the history of the house.

So yeah, probably the biggest reason for moving this house to the land we want is the history.


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