Being An Organised Writer

I am fast approaching the 20,000 mark in my book, now that I am starting to get back into the flow after the Christmas break. 🙂

The story then has got to the point where I am starting to have keep track of who’s where and what names I have given people. I started an excel spreadsheet to keep track, but that wasn’t working, and I looked at a novel writing software package, but decided to not use it as I just wanted to write and fiddling around with the various options you could used looked to be distracting. So I need to create a new document to keep track, but I confess I am not very enthused.

But I better anyway, otherwise I will be so busy scrolling back through the story that I won’t get anything done, and my memory is just not that good to keep track of it that way alone 😦



3 thoughts on “Being An Organised Writer

    1. Thanks for the tip… I haven’t ever really looked at mind mapping so that will probably be a good thing to explore anyway 🙂

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