2010 Blogosphere Book Circle Reading List

With all this adventure going on in our lives, and since I am making a concerted effort to write, I thought I would extend myself by reading stuff I don’t normally read. I have always been a vigorous reader, but I confess to being mainly a genre reader, concentrating my efforts solely on those genres in fiction I have always had a passion for.

So I have decided to be daring a join an Internet book club. Facilitated by Penny one of my co-writers at The Room Of Infinite Diligence on her blog called Walking Upside Down, we shall each look to read and review the book of the month from the list below.

February: The Bolter / Frances Osborne
March: Access Road / Maurice Gee
April: Replenishing the Earth / James Belich
May: Bad Science / Ben Goldacre
June: The Graveyard Book / Neil Gaiman
July: Wolf Hall / Hilary Mantel
August: Novel About My Wife / Emily Perkins
September: The Lacuna / Barbara Kingsolver 
October: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies / Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith
November: The Road / Cormac McCarthy
December: March / Geraldine Brooks
January 2011: Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress / Dai Sijie, Ina Rilke (trans.)

Now nearly all of those titles are ones I would normally look at and think either “interesting and not for me” or “Boring and not for me”. So it will be an interesting 12 months to see how many I finish and like. [I have committed to reviewing at least 6] 🙂 The two I am most looking forward to reading are Wolf Hall and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

I have the first one, The Bolter, out now, and so far it has been quit interesting. I am already thinking it will be one I finish and review…


2 thoughts on “2010 Blogosphere Book Circle Reading List

  1. This is the thing about the book club that I like best – extending my reading away from my genre of choice to discover thing that I actually like. I also like seeing what other people think!

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