AC/DC and Sherlock Holmes

The E.I.C. and myself managed to get to Wellington this weekend. Thanks be to the grandparents babysitting, and friend who provided accommodation and tickets to AC/DC.

We had a great time, and not only got to go to AC/DC, but we also managed to go to the movies. ūüôā

In the afternoon we went to Sherlock Holmes. From what I have read I would agree that this version is the closest to the books. We both thought it was very Steampunk in its visual imagery, which really worked. Definitely one to add to the DVD collection, and if done well, could run to a number of sequels.  

AC/DC rocked! For a bunch of geriatric¬†rockers they certainly know how to put on a show, and while we didn’t get into the mosh¬†pit, we were right by the secondary stage in the middle of the grounds, where Brian and Angus came out too. What really got us though were the young children in the audience, with the youngest being four! Now while the crowd was good, well behaved, and good natured, the concert was not child friendly.¬†There was an ample supply of beer, lots of pot smoke and during The Jake lots of flashing being shown on the big screen!¬†


One thought on “AC/DC and Sherlock Holmes

  1. Glad you liked Sherlock Holmes I really enjoyed it Pleased AC/DC was exciting. The tickets certainly were expensive. Well done.

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