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We have had more progress this week. While we still don’t have steps into the house [we are using a step ladder 🙂 ] the walk-in pantry has been re-established, and the basic framing for the decking outside what used to be the front door, but is now the side door, has been put up.

I got my last marks back from my assignment, and didn’t do as well as the others. But still I did that one at the hight of moving so I am not to unhappy. Especially since my final mark will still be an A at about 75%.

The new course looks interesting [in the dubious sence], and I think I may have to make sure I don’t get to antsy about some of the [what I consider] sillier elements. It is writing for the web, and the way the course is structured is not how I would structure an academic professional course. Also it seems they have some very firm ideas on formating which contradict my firm ideas. 😆 You can’t win them all.


Musings and Poetry

It’s been a while since I have been tempted to write any form of poetry. I am not a big one for rhyme and when I have attempted poetry like that it has always had a forced unnatural feel. I more prefer to write a more deconstructed poem. Anyway was struck by the image tonight, so here is one. It’s in its first form, and I will come back to it later after I have let I mull for a while. 🙂  

Rural Idyll

Driving down into the valley

An image of The Darling Buds of May

And England comes to the fore

Were it not for cabbage tree and fantails

The native lined road passing window

As I dive down to the bridge

Then the unformed mud drive

Forged under heavy tyres

Laden with house as tradesmen

Toiled through late rain and hot sun

To form this retreat

The birds across this dell

Call clear on the air

Across the tall poplars that guard this hearth

Thistles flowers floating softly

White clouds doom laden with promise

Dogs and children both unbound

Dip toes in creek in search

Of cool relief from hot day

And hidden crawlies

With peaceful purpose roots are thrust

Seeking water amongst clay

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More Study, More Writing and Mud

The next lot of study came through today for the new course as part of the Certificate in Web Design I am working my way through. Just in time to distract me from the nonexistent writing I was intending to do. Actually I am not going to be too hard on myself as we have been doing a lot, and it takes a surprising amount of energy to organise builders and plumbers. But be that as it may, now we are out here and starting to settle, it’s time to get back to work. 🙂

A while ago I decided that my nightmare was going to be grass. The E.I.C has decided that her nightmare is dirt and mud. We have a nice layer of topsoil, with a really firm clay base, which with all the trench’s that have been dug, (at one point I thought I could shoot a WWI movie) a large amount has been disturbed, just right for the boys and dogs to traipse through the house. There is nothing more disheartening than to have freshly cleaned floors with little muddy tracks. 😆


First Post From Entfarm!

We survived the shift! The house didn’t fall off the back of a truck! We are sane! Well as sane as we were in the first place 🙂

The good news is we have broadband… it’s got a limit of 2.5MG but that’s so better than dialup I won’t be complaining 🙂

Our move day by day:

Monday: Fine: Everything disconnected. House lifted. Sleep in tent – 10 litres of water bought from warehouse. Porta-potty set up. TBT at grandparents.

Tuesday: Fine: House on the road. Nervous excitement. Sleep in tent – 10 literes of water bought from warehouse. Porta-potty set up. TBT at grandparents. Had Burger King in Palmy and went to movies. Percy Jackson was the film and it was rather lame.

Wednesday: Raining: Piles concreted in and water and septic tank installed. Sleep in tent – 10 literes of water bought from warehouse. Porta-potty set up. TBT at grandparents. Went to a cafe for tea.

Thursday: Raining then fine: House tied to piles. Power line slayed and transformer installed. Plumbers laid drains between tanks and houses. Phone lines laid and new number connected. BBQ for tea, no Porta-potty, and still using bottled water. Fire brigade delivered tanker of water, but can’t access. Everyone home and slept inside.

Friday: Raining then fine: Electricity hooked up and made live. All water done except for hot water where pipes need to be replumbed. Plumber finishing tomorrow. Tea- Pizza.   First Blog!