Thunderbirds Are Go!

Well we have a date. Next Tuesday. Yep the house movers will be here on Monday, when they will put the house on the back of the truck. It then gets shifted on the Tuesday. Hopefully down on piles on the Wednesday…

So with the E.I.C. away at leadership camp for the year 8 children she teaches, and that being out of cell contact, she won’t know till late Wednesday when home she comes. Meanwhile I am running around like a march hare trying to organise all those last minute things you do when you get the date…. 😆

So this morning, after spending to many hours playing computer games last night, I have had the phone stuck to my ear… 🙂

Never a dull moment here I tell you..

Heres my list:

  1. Builders – Check
  2. House movers – Check
  3. Plumbers/Electricians – Check [Will need to disconnect plumbing on Friday]
  4. Phone company – Check but need street number
  5. Council – Check [Arrange site inspection, try and sort lot number/house number/RRN – still waiting]
  6. Hire company – Check, can have port-a-potty for a week, but no longer
  7. Water/septic tank company – Check but still no date…
  8. Insurance – Still to do
  9. Bank – Left message 

[Update: Plumbers say easy job, can do first thing Monday morning…]

[Another Update: Tank people will be in either Wednesday or Thursday next week…]


4 thoughts on “Thunderbirds Are Go!

  1. Wow all that hurry up and wait and its now all go. Nothing like a quick finish at the end of a project. Good luck with getting it all lined up. Really looking forward to the after photos 🙂

    1. After what seems like months of slow progress, it’s all going at superfast speed… 😆

      Not unexpected that, but still…

  2. well, so its finally happening, Good luck kid, hope it all goes smoothly. Please mind the trees. Can definitely feel sleepless nights coming on. You just get non with the work and leave the worrying to me. I am good at that. !!

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