After a burst on apathy, procrastination, and general tiredness brought on by an excess amount of work during the day, I started back into the study/writing mode tonight. It wasn’t the greatest work done, but it is easing me back into the rhythm I had going before Christmas. So hopefully there will be more positive updates on that front to go with the progress on the house establishment. 🙂

Today some lino was laid in the pantry, and it does look smart if we do say so ourselves. 🙂 Tomorrow the drive is likely to be dug in, which will be interesting. At the moment it is blowing a right gale, and the E.I.C. had to rescue the tent which was still up in the backyard. We always thought that in the right conditions that the wind would blow in our little dell, even though it is quite sheltered. Some windbreaks are required I think.


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