I got my final grade for the first course in the “Writing for the Web” programme I am doing. I was very happy with my A 🙂

I am however feeling frustrated, grumpy and a little anxious with the second course in the programme. This course focuses on the technical side of writing rather than the coding side that the previous course taught. My first assignment is due after Easter and I am not very close to even starting it. I wonder if it is the nature of “writing” courses or the nature of this course, but I am finding it all very pointless. I am finding that I am not engaging with the content mainly because I think the delivery is really bad. 😦

Which of course leads to self absorbed posts like this, as I am finding I am sitting down to study, getting angry with the course, which leads me to get moody with the family, although it’s no fault of theirs.

I sort of want to quit the course, even though I have paid for it and the last day for withdrawing with a refund was yesterday, and I won’t get anything at the end, and just be happy with the A from the first course. Sigh


5 thoughts on “Study

    1. The assignments are ok… write a first post, evaluate the writing of a page etc. It’s the format, with lots of group activities (which I don’t think work well in a completly online course) and the whole “lets pretend we are all employed by a company and the assignments are key tasks for the company”…

      I think I will pretty much ignore the course, and just do the assignments… 😆 Might even get it all finished in a couple of weeks…

      1. oh right. Group work for online learning – yes, can see how that would be challenging. The scenario thing makes sense but is kind of belittling for the likes of folks who are already employed.

      2. Yeah.. I just want a summary of what we are learining for each week, with recommended reading…

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