That Moment

Often in literature, music or film, there is a description or depiction of a particular moment in the heroes/authors/composers life where everything clicks together. Usually it has imagery that is associated with a feeling of rightfulness or contentment. You know the one where some sort of personal epiphany takes place. More often than not I greet that moment with a sigh and think to myself “whatever” just get on with it. Sometimes it will be an exasperated sigh as the moment is overly self indulgent or twee or clichéd.

So it was somewhat surprising to have such a moment myself. Heck you may have noticed it in the pastoral themes of the poems I have been writing 😆 I think maybe I will be a little more tolerant of those moments in my reading, and if I am moved to include one myself, I will endeavour to not make it twee or clichéd.  


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