Random Odds and Ends, A Lyrical Odyssey

We were watching American Idol [I am not sure I should admit that in public] and when Tim Urban performed “Hallelujah” both the E.I.C. and myself agreed we should look to add that to our collection, not the Idol version, but the original, as we both liked it. So off to Itunes we went and downloaded three versions. Firstly what I thought was the original Leonard Cohen, plus the K.D.Lang and the Jeff Buckley which really made the song.  

I was listening to all three this morning on the way to work and I noticed that the Cohen version had different lyrics to the others, which off course had me wondering. So when at work I did a little digging and found out we had the 1988 version rather than the 1984 original version. Indeed it seems that Cohen will sing any number of different versions (apparently he has said he doesn’t know how to finish the song and it is up to 50 different verses), and that there are pages and pages of different verses. He will go all biblical or secular in his rendition as well…


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