The Tulip Tree

We have been busy planting, planting even more trees. This then is the first in series of posts showing what we have planted 😉

Firstly in the back yard we have planted a Tulip Tree.

Liriodendron (pronounced /ˌlɪriɵˈdɛndrən/) is a genus of two species of tree in the Magnoliaceae family, known under the common name tulip tree (although it is unrelated to the tulip). Liriodendron tulipifera is native to eastern North America, while Liriodendron chinense is native to China and Vietnam. Both species are large deciduous trees. Various extinct species have been described from the fossil record.

The Tulip Tree
What it should look like... One day!

3 thoughts on “The Tulip Tree

      1. well I happen to like her stuff but this one is quite good – about a garden, gardener travelling to find plants etc. historical fiction based on real life.

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