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A Fishy Tale

Once upon a time there was a family with goldfish. These fish lived in various tanks in a number of different rooms in couple of houses. Over the years the family had been successful in keeping their fish alive, and over a period of some 8 years had only a couple of deaths. When they moved to a new house they decided to upsize the tank, and bought this rather cool hexagonal tank, with a noisy filter that lived in the corner of the lounge. unfortunately for the fish, this tank became the tank of DOOM, where goldfish went to die. For the next couple of years, the number of fish that died in that tank was legion.

Pond Liner

Finally with much wailing and gnashing of teeth, and after the death of another brood, the parental units decided enough was enough. The rather sickly older fish and the last surviving baby, which was also looking sick were banished to the small pond that had been dug in the front garden. Harsh words such as “if they live they live, if they don’t tough” were muttered. The parents had peace and quiet in the living room, and no longer worried about the fish.

A finished pond waiting for fish

Winter came, and the family bought a plot of land out in the back end of beyond. Little was thought of about the fish, although occasionally the dim dark shape of the elder fish could be seen lurking in the shallows of the pond.

Plans began to be made of a move to the country, with a house being uplifted on a truck, and with a speed quite ferocious, those plans were laid and then actioned. In spring, the Lady of The House, and youngest son were quietly moving about the front garden, planning which plants to take, when behold great excitement. In the pond not only had the younger fish lived as well, but with the elder fish they had spawned, and the pond was alive with baby fish.

Fish in a trough, you can just make out a black shape in the top half..

Such forthright survival skills could not be ignored, so moving the fish was added to the long, long, long, long list of things to be done. When the great time approached for the grand adventure of moving house, the Lady of The House and the Eldest Son rescued as many fish as possible, and put them to swim in a water trough on the property. Was it twelve or twenty or thirty young saved, none know, but it certainly was a lot!

But fish are not meant to live in a water trough, especially with dogs prone to drinking from it, so the parents had to dig a new pond. Several hours of back breaking labour and it was ready, baring the addition of a couple of water lilies and hiding logs…. Tomorrow the fish will be transported to their new permanent home. Long may they live there.   


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