A Momentous Week

This week marked some very important milestones for us. Firstly the last of the tradesmen left, meaning stage one is complete (there are always more stages in a property like this).  We also got our code of compliance, which is very good news. The heavy machinary has also gone, so there is no longer a grader parked on the front lawn 😦 So from first lifting up until now it has taken six weeks. Our builder has said that he has never seen a project like this go through with so few hitches, and with the various tradesmen turning up as if by clockwork. 🙂 We are grateful for our blessings.

We have also paid the last of our bills, and apart from one blowout, we have pretty much come in on where we thought we would. As we have been atempting this on a shoestring, we are grateful to the family who have helped us achieve our dream… 🙂

Now we just have to settle in, dig holes, plant trees, plant bushes, mow lawns, eradicate thistles, feed chickens, cut wood…. Hang on, why are we doing this again 😆


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