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Movies and DVD’s

We watched Avatar the other night. It was way cool. I would have loved to seen it on the big screen. We also started watching Where the Wild Things Are with our eldest. How that could be targeted as a children’s movie is beyond me. It was so dark and unfriendly in the opening. We didn’t even get to the island scenes.

The writing is starting to go well. I am starting to move through he chapters at a good pace. I was a little disquieted at the lengths but I figure that if at the end of the first pass it is a little bit short, that will be rectified in the second pass. 


One Aim Down

Well one aim down. I have finished a rough plot line and chapter outline. I have also finished one chapter as well. It is amazing how much easier it can be to write when you have a plan in front of you. 🙂

The only downer was I have ended the night tonight with less words. The new plan meant I had to lose a whole half a chapter. But tomorrow night I shall be well on my way. On the left you will find a widget giving my progress for writing.

I am going with smaller chapters, so I might be able to crack through a couple a night. My aim now is for each night to write at least one chapter. If I can do that, I will be done with the first draft before my birthday next month.

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A Pond And A Plan

After not many words were written last night, I did some serious thinking about my writing. I thought about when I had done my best writing and what was different from then.

I came to the conclusion that I needed both more structure in my writing aims and in my writing plan. So for this week my writing aim will be to complete a plot outline for the novel, make some notes, and then make a plan of the chapters and scenes. Once that is completed, my aim is to write a chapter a night. As each chapter will be between 2,000 and 3,000 words that should be achievable. Especially since I know I can write that amount in an evening. All going well, within a month I will have the novel finished.

It’s ambitious but I can do it.

Meanwhile we have done some more work around the garden. I have been mortering stones around the pond to raise it to a uniform level, and the E.I.C has put in a path and an arch. We have planted a flax in the corner, and along one fence line are some carpet roses. Along the other are too other old fashioned roses (mutablis). We have also planted some rosemary and lavender.



Sometimes you are struck by something that you know intellectually, but don’t really know personally. Like the idea that the stars are beautiful and quite wonderous to behold. Having always lived in the town, and having only rarely been outside in the country at night, I have often looked up and thought the stars were beautiful, but I don’t think I have really appreciated their beauty properly. To night we went outside, on a clear night, with no moon.  The stars were truly amazing. I had no idea how much town light pollution obscured them. Some were hard bright diamonds, others softer fuzzy fire flies. We could clearly see the expanse of what I took to be the Milky Way.

I so need a star map and a telescope now. I can understand better the almost mythical attraction man has had with the stars.

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Contacts And Cluster Flies

I had to nip into the optometrist today, as the nose guards on my glasses had fallen off. While there I was having a little look at the Daily Contact lenses. I have always preferred wearing contact lenses, but in recent years my eyes kept having allergic reactions to them after only a couple of days. So I thought dailies could work for me.

I have grabbed a sample pack and I am going to try them out. It’s a little weird and my vision is a little funny, so I think if I was to get them long term, I might need to update the prescription. I am hoping it’s just the eyes readjusting to the lenses though.

As an aside, I hate cluster flies. We, like a lot of people around the area, are having a real problem with them. It’s really horrible to see them crawling over the house, and they squeeze through the tiniest gaps to get in the house.


Random Madness

In a fit of end of school holidays we decided to pack the family into the car and go to Wellington for the night.

I booked us a cheap hotel room using and after finishing work at 1 picked the family up and headed out. 🙂

We stopped on the way down at Shannon for a coffee and a cake at this really nice cafe, where we had a proud parent moment. The ladies gave The T.B.T.s lollypops as they were so impressed by their manners.

Hitting the big city we checked in which was an amusing event in itself. Arriving at the hotel we find that reception is closed for the day and we need to lift a phone to talk to the duty manager. Doing so I am told our room keys are in an envelope in the fire hose box next to the phone! So secure and funny. 😆

While the E.I.C. bathed the youngest I went and picked up our friend and we headed downtown to the Yangtze and picked up some really yummy chinese nom nom nom 🙂

The T.B.T’s coped not to badly sharing a room for the first time until they both woke up at midnight. I ended up with the eldest and the E.I.C. shared with the youngest as we had to separate them.

In the morning we checked out by dropping the keys through he front door. The reception didn’t open until 9am. By that time we had headed of to Lyall Bay for a coffee on the beachfront while the T.B.T’s played on the beach 🙂 And then we went to the Weta Cave! Way cool. The eldest T.B.T. got to hold one of the display guns from District9 but we had forgotten the camera so no photo evidence. Bummer.

We headed out of town up transmission gully and over Paekakariki Hill. The views are amazing but I don’t like heights so the drive down was a little tense. Stopping at Paraparumu to have ice-cream, and then Lindale Farm to visit the sweet factory shop meant happy lads. Also stopping at Loco trains garden also gave us some good parents points.

Then it was back home after a successful mad dash down the coast and back… Now I just need to sleep 😆 



Kitchen Transformation

I was going through some of the old photos tonight and came across this one of the kitchen from just before we moved into the house.

The old Shacklock in the corner was the only source of hot water, and cooking. No electrics here thankyou very much! At the time we moved in the E.I.C. was eight months pregnant with the youngest of the T.B.T.’s. Lets just say it was not long before electric hot water, and cooking was installed 🙂

The same view of the kitchen looks like this.

And the reverse.  


The Flock

Tonight we did a mad dash down the road to Takapau and picked up a small flock of chickens we had bought on Trademe. Thirteen hens and one Rooster were packed into the back of our wee car in multiple box’s and transported back to the home range. We got home in the dark so it was a bit of mission heading down to the orchard to put them in the hen houses. They are all a couple of years old, so no longer in peak laying condition, but we don’t mind. Hopefully with the Rooster in the yard we will soon have chicks 😉

Pictures to follow once daylight hours allow photography… 🙂