The End of The Golden Weather

Well not really, but in some ways we wish it was.

With the last of the plantings done, the tradesmen gone, everything cleared from the last property we have come to a lull in the proceedings. Whilst we have a number of jobs to do around the grounds, tidying up here, straightening this there, chopping and lugging fire wood there, a general tiredness has settled over us. I think we are a little shell shocked from the speed of everything.

The lovely sunny days weirdly enough are not helping. While it is lovely to enjoy the property in the sun, it does lend to a sense of guilt over unfinished jobs. Besides that we really, really, really need the rain! Our new trees need a good watering in and the tank needs a top up.

Maybe what we need then is cupcakes, and tea on the toadstools with the TBT’s 😆


The Fairy Ring

2 thoughts on “The End of The Golden Weather

    1. The boys were up really early the other day and had a moonlight picnic breakfast… 😆 Very cute…

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