Decisions Decisions

So. Well. Yes. Decisions.

After writing the short story on Friday, I have been left with a bit of a quandary. The E.I.C. has advised me that the story reads more like a first chapter and is rushed at the end.I have to either makes some cuts, while expanding the end to make it into a longer but better short story, or make different changes and do some major expansion to make it a novel.

The trouble is I didn’t want to start a second novel. Actually the trouble is the short story is about a couple of characters I have used previously in story starts, and I really like them. The principle characters are Elanore Fursk and Gurt, two guards/private investigators. Elanore is a Troll, and Gurt is a Eleniu (my name for a type of fairy). Their adventures are fantasy/mystery with a small comic tone. And I really like them.

So what to write, what to write…



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