Kitchen Transformation

I was going through some of the old photos tonight and came across this one of the kitchen from just before we moved into the house.

The old Shacklock in the corner was the only source of hot water, and cooking. No electrics here thankyou very much! At the time we moved in the E.I.C. was eight months pregnant with the youngest of the T.B.T.’s. Lets just say it was not long before electric hot water, and cooking was installed 🙂

The same view of the kitchen looks like this.

And the reverse.  


4 thoughts on “Kitchen Transformation

    1. The shelves above the microwave used to have doors… But we took them off as we preferred sehleving there to cupboards..

  1. am jealous of all your cupboards 🙂 My friend has an old villa in Kihikihi and it came with the old oven (like yours) still installed in the old kitchen fireplace as well as the new modern oven. She occasionally uses it for soup making. 🙂

    1. Ours goes full stop over winter… It heats water for radiators and the hot water cylinder … And we cook with it.. The best roasts come out of it nom nom .. 🙂

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