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Contacts And Cluster Flies

I had to nip into the optometrist today, as the nose guards on my glasses had fallen off. While there I was having a little look at the Daily Contact lenses. I have always preferred wearing contact lenses, but in recent years my eyes kept having allergic reactions to them after only a couple of days. So I thought dailies could work for me.

I have grabbed a sample pack and I am going to try them out. It’s a little weird and my vision is a little funny, so I think if I was to get them long term, I might need to update the prescription. I am hoping it’s just the eyes readjusting to the lenses though.

As an aside, I hate cluster flies. We, like a lot of people around the area, are having a real problem with them. It’s really horrible to see them crawling over the house, and they squeeze through the tiniest gaps to get in the house.


2 thoughts on “Contacts And Cluster Flies

  1. This is the first year I’ve heard of cluster flies. My brother near Masterton is having problems with them too – it’s the first year he’s had them. Where did they come from?

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