Dem Smells

Our water was smelling a little funny on the weekend, so off to the Internet I went. Apparently water tanks can develop bacteria, and the best think is to put a chlorine based bleach like Janola. Out with a bottle I went, and using the guide I found, and estimating the amount of water in the tank we had, I put what I thought was the right amount in.

Problem solved… Almost šŸ˜†

I may have got my rough calculation solved, as now our water tastes and smellsĀ vaguelyĀ of chlorine. Ā After washing we all smell like we have been to the swimming pools šŸ˜†

Worst of all the coffee tastes not very nice! Quite funny, even if the E.I.C. is havingĀ caffeineĀ withdrawals…

We are lookingĀ forwardĀ to the rain forecast later in the week. Not only for topping the tank up, and watering the trees, but the tank top off should dilute the Janola a bit more and hopefully reduce the smell and taste šŸ˜†

Not so funny is the waste treatment plant has become a bit wiffy. We are waiting for a technician to arrive to add some good bacteria and fix the problem. O the joys of owning your own water and septic tanks šŸ˜†


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