One of the flock had to be culled today.  It had fallen quite ill, and all the advice said end it.

The most difficult bit was not the actual killing of the bird, but more the fact I wasn’t as good as I could have been. I guess it’s something that will come with practice. Fortunately I was pretty quick and the bird didn’t suffer… 😦


2 thoughts on “Trauma

  1. The old axe trick?

    If ever our cats caught a bird and didn’t kill it entirely, my sisters would delegate the merciful dispatch to me if Dad wasn’t around. They would then proceed to call me murderer which didn’t really help. My Dad, being a physiologist, would do the job super quick via a quick spinal cord dislocation. It’s not a nice job.

    One day I should tell you how my first car got the nickname of “Hedgie Slayer”…

    1. I was going to do the spinal relocation, but when I had the bird in what I thought was the right position I couldn’t remember the next step.

      So in the end I did the old sharp edged part the shoulders…

      I am going to make sure next time I have studied the other step…

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