Birthdays, Gifts, And Lovely Children

The E.I.C.’s and my birthdays are close together, and coming soon.  We are both quite big on birthdays, well the celebration of rather than the recieving of gifts.

Our eldest T.B.T. has been plotting and planning and this year he decided to use his own pocket money, rather than raiding our pockets. What a proud parental moment. So of he went on his own to do his first solo shopping trip. The parents waiting anxiously in the car. We were probably more nervous for him than he was. We only snuck in a couple of times to make sure he was OK (and we didn’t peek honest). He was just fine having asked the nice staff for help. He had decided to get us a joint present.

Even though the first birthday isn’t until the end of the week he couldn’t wait to give us what he’d chosen, as he was so nervous about getting it right and that it would work…  So we said he could give it anyway as an early present… Otherwise he would spend the week winding himself up into little knots…

His choice? A new CD player as ours had long died, and three CD’s…  What a lovely lad 🙂


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