A Smelly Tale

Warning. This post contains details of an unpleasant sort.

One of the joys, if you can call it that, of living on a rural block, is owning your own septic tank. Or in our case a waste treatment plant. All that messy stuff that gets flushed own the drain and off to where you don’t want to think about when in town, end up somewhere near to your front or rear door. Buried for sure, and unobtrusive, but still there. If nothing goes wrong then you needn’t think about it except once or twice a year, when you call someone in to service.

With a new one, like ours, you don’t think you’re going to have too many problems.

Well think again. Just four months in and it started to smell. Imagine if you will the worst smell from the worst public lavatory. Now imagine that smell sitting outside your door. Windy days are a blessing as it blows the odor away. We have been “blessed” with a lot of lovely still fine days. Hot still fine days 😆

So we rang the install people with whom we have a service contract some four weeks ago when the smell started. Someone will be with you soon they said. Don’t worry they said.

Well finally after more calls and emails the nice man turned up to check the tank out this week. We were worried we had put some wrong chemicals down the drain, which had ruined the, ahem, culture of the tank.

No he says, opening it up and looking in. It all looks nice and healthy in there. It’s just the crust isn’t thick enough yet. Apparently it is meant to form a thick crust which stops the gases escaping. Our timer on the pump in the system needed tweaking as it was pumping to much and not letting the crust form properly. 🙂 Who knew?

So now the smell is fading, and hopefully our septic tank will get suitably crusty. Its not a visual image I really want to dwell on. 😆

O and more good news, we have rain… Happy water tank and plants… 🙂


One thought on “A Smelly Tale

  1. Euuuuuuw! LOL! Yep, crusty isn’t an image I want to think about too much. Growing up we lived in Hillsborough which is over the Manukau from the old settling ponds of the sewerage treatment plant. There were many days when the wind was in the right direction for us to enjoy the odors.

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