The Madness Of Writers

It is time for the late night birthday blog… 🙂

I’ve had a good birthday. My presents including a rain gauge and an old World War era army great coat. While we no longer have the trenches dug around the house, I can put the coat on if we ever dig some more, and film a WWI home movie 😆

I can also calculate how much water we have added into the tank. 🙂

Also the E.I.C. took the T.B.T’s down to the river to float a boat the built from wood, which was lovely. 🙂

We had a weird experience yesterday though. We are selling our caravan, and this chap rang up from the other side of the island. He spent a good couple of hours getting here, looked at the caravan and then decided it wasn’t for him, so off he went. It was a little disappointing, but what was really unsettling was he was really rude.

Anyway that has nothing to do with the madness of writers. Yes the title of the post actually had a point, and wasn’t a random title. Often in fiction, and in biographies, it is mentioned that writers are a little mad. Usually characterised by a habit of talking of their characters as if they were real people. The characters won’t let them do this. Or the character didn’t like that. While I have not yet descended into that level of crazyness the cracks may be appearing. 🙂

Often in my writing I tend to a certain level of floweriness, and a verbose turn of phrase. I have found in my latest story than the main character Gurt who narrates the story won’t let me. Sometimes it’s almost like I can hear him saying “I don’t think I would say that.” or “You think I would think that, don’t be daft.” The characters have also led me down some divergent paths to the story plan. I start writing a chapter in which X is going to happen and before I know it something different has happened or it has happened in a different way.

I think you should only be concerned if Gurt pops up and writes a post here 😆


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