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A Birthday Not To Be Remembered…

So for the E.I.C.s birthday (today) I decided the best gift possible would be a trip by me to the hospital…

I awoke this morning with a little bit of cramp in my leg, not an unusual occurence for me, and as I was walking it out, I umm fainted. 😦

The next thing I know, I am lying on the floor of the bathroom, and the E.I.C. is on the phone having rung 111!

I thought I was fine, but the ambulance man said I had to go to hospital in Palmerston North since I had cracked my head on my way down.

So next thing there I am off in the ambulance with the family looking worried on the front steps. Six hours later I am back, and no there is no concussion, or heart conditions. Just a silly embarrassed man who stood up to fast trying to get rid of some cramp…. 😆

I am sure we will find it much funnier in a few days. Especially once herself stops following me around with a pillow in case I fall over again 😆


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