When I download photos from our digital camera, I have the download program set to auto-delete from the camera. It’s simpler that way, and we have never had any problems. Until tonight.

We headed out to the beach, with the T.B.T.’s and two grandparents. It was wet and wild day, but we needed an outing, especially as the youngest is coming off the end of a viral bug.  We took some lovely pictures, and was getting ready to share a couple.

So I downloaded the photos as per normal. That worked, and I unplugged the camera which now had no photos.

The first photo was a dud, so I hit delete, and then as I was not in the usual program I use for editing the photos I closed the program and opened the one I usually use. Only to find all the photos gone. Gutted. Somehow when I deleted the fuzzy not good photo I must have deleted all the others. And since they are automatically deleted from the camera I can’t reload them onto the computer.


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