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Runaway Dessert

I awoke this morning at 6am to light the fire and turn on the radio to check what happened in the soccer. Yah the All whites!

In my bleary state I hear our big black cat called Rose meowing very loudly. Must be hungry I think, so I find her bowl and pour some cat biscuits into it for her. She scoots over and drops the mouse she had in her mouth into the bowl and starts eating. Ok I think, is the mouse alive and needing rescuing.

Sure enough the mouse scuttles out of the bowl. Rose, seeing the mouse runaway, catches it again and puts in back in the bowl, and starts to eat again.

Me, I think I might have to rescue the mouse, and Rose growls at me as I approach. Mouse hops out again and Rose catches mouse again. I head to cupboard to find something to put mouse into.  Heading back I see that Rose has tired of her dessert fleeing and so she eats the mouse with her cat food. Poor mouse, good cat.


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