Bovine Ruminates, Mud And A River Flows Through

We sway one way and the other on the merits of keeping stock on our little block of land. We are more than happy with our flock of chickens, and would be more than happy to raise them and trees. However we have an awful lot of grass that needs keeping down. So we often toy with the idea of keeping, cows, alpacas, donkeys, pigs or sheep.

At the moment I am leaning towards cows, mainly because a friends up the road have been grazing ten heifers on the land. There is something quite nice about waking up and looking out on the land and seeing the cows quietly munching through the grass.

At the moment they are on the slope paddock below the house, so in the morning we can lean out the window and say “morning Ladies” 🙂

They do make a mess of the paddocks though, especially with the rain at the moment.

But then so do we. The above photo is by the firewood pile beside the house. Mucky!

But then it’s not surprising considering how wet it is at the moment. Normally we can’t see the river from the home paddock, but the river is so high I can see it from the kitchen! Fortunately that is still a long way from the level of the lower paddock! Over wise we might have to panic! 😆


4 thoughts on “Bovine Ruminates, Mud And A River Flows Through

  1. We have both cows and sheep, and vastly prefer the sheep. The cows eat our new trees, plow through fencing, and poo giant poos all over the place. They DO clear out a paddock, but so do the sheep without all the grief. Just my two cents.

    1. We have thought of sheep, and if we did go with them we would keep the ones that don’t need shearing. However we are put off by the thought of fly strike, and from what we understand they need more care than cows… 🙂

  2. A river runs through our garage at times during the winter. Being an old house and all, they didn’t seal the blocks on the bottom so if we get a good drenching where the ground can’t soak it up, it comes right through. Means we can’t store anything that will suffer from soaking on the garage floor.

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