Door To Door Salesmen

Yesterday, while I was in Christchurch at a course, the E.I.C. was visited by a door-to-door salesman.

Our little block is a good ten minute drive from town, so I felt that we would not be door knocked, or only by Jehovah Witness’s.

So it was surprising and amusing to have someone drive up our drive to try and sell us something. I think the E.I.C. was rather bemused by the whole thing.

It turns out the salesman was a nice chap selling Citrus Based Cleaner.  It takes a bit of gumption to come out our way, not even the Jehovah Witness’s have made it out here!

Apparently he was looking a little dispirited, which is not surprising, but that is what I call going the extra mile in pursuit of a sale!


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