I Dig and I Dig And Then Dig Some More

I had a vision. A grand vision. I would build a website and I would host my podcast novel, like a lot of the other authors do. It would be glorious and grand.

So I bought my domain name 🙂 and signed up to a hosting deal with a local hosting agent.

Alas, alack haste equals bad decisions, and then you find yourself in a whole. 😦

I was looking at the details for my site, and found that both the storage space I had, and the monthly bandwidth were woefully lacking for what I wanted to do! I checked with my host provider and found that what I had signed up for was not what I wanted.  And to upgrade to what I wanted to do would entail way more money than we have to invest in this project. As a result I have been rather grumpy at myself.

So what to do now, that doesn’t involve digging myself into a deeper hole. Well I am going to see how much I owe already for the hosting that has gone and then back away. I then will take the domain name away for a while and I will probably end up using it here. It’s something I probably should have done in the first place!

It does mean that sometime in the next week or so my new site will disappear 😦

It’s a learning curve all right, but I will get it sorted! And I have discovered an awful lot in the process.

So my new mantra, less haste, more patience, and make sure you know what you’re doing before you start…. 😆


And Now For Something Completely Different

I have decided to have a break from the world of Gurt and Fursk for a while. Well a writing break that is, as work on the podcast is proceeding at a steady pace.

My brain was having minor meltdowns as I edited The Spiral Tattoo. So I am going to start a new writing project properly. I think I need some space from the other work, besides which as we get each episode into working order we will edit as we go!

So now onto the new work, Under The Sign Of The Inebriated Nematode, which is a complete break being a different world, different characters and different genre.

Tally Ho!


The Parsec Awards: One Day, Maybe, Wishful Thinking

The finalists for the Parsec Awards were announced today.  Mur Lafferty, Michael R. Mennenga & Tracy Hickman founded The Parsec Awards in 2006 to celebrate Speculative Fiction Podcasting, under the banner of Farpoint Media.

Podcast shows are nominated by fans, and finalists are chosen by a yearly steering committee. Those finalists are then voted on by an independent panel of judges from outside of podcasting. Awards are given in several categories ranging from content to audio quality.

I was pleased to see some of my favorite podcasting authors on the list of finalists 🙂

I have also been thinking that one day, maybe, I too could be a finalist. Arghh yes, the dreams of a writer 🙂


The Noisy Pump

Since we installed the watertank, with the pump being in the actual tank, the pump has made some sort of noise. Thinking that that was just how it goes, having no experience in owning a pump, we sort of just got used to it. On the weekend the pump decided to up the ante, and started making a lot of noise.

We called the technician people out to look at it, as the racket was disturbing our sleep.  At first it didn’t want to make a noise for them, but then it finally did. 😆

We now have a new pump, and apparently our old one should have been quiet from the start!  Who knew?

Now when you run a tap, there is silence and not a grinding noise running through the pipes. 🙂

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I Have A New Site

Since I am launching The Spiral Tattoo onto the world via podcasting, I felt it would be wise to have a new permanent home for my writings. This blog will continue as my personal blog, where I will update what’s happening around the farm etc., while the new site will be my home as a professional writer.

It has been quite an interesting process setting it up, and it is live now! Although there is not a great deal of content yet. It will slowly develop over time, and will host news, views, outlines of works, random stories, and of course podcasts copies of my stories as they are released.

The URL you ask?


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Naked Girls Reading

Michelle L'amour, creator of Naked Girls Reading

And no that doesn’t mean this post has pictures of the E.I.C. naked and reading…

While searching for material to post to the library blog, I came across the following article.

Naked girls reading? Burlesque turns a page [from the Globe and Mail]

It has to be the most provocative literary series in the world with a title like “Naked Girls Reading,” but it’s exactly as advertised. Burlesque divas remove the pasties and G-strings – those time-honoured barriers to complete nudity – and grab a book.

And it’s an all-star international lineup of naked readers who kick off the five-day, third-annual Toronto Burlesque Festival at the Gladstone Hotel Wednesday night. NGR, in fact, is the newest phenomenon of the phenomenal burlesque revival.

The concept came out of a chance remark by Chicago photographer/writer Franky Vivid. He walked into a room and found his naked wife, burlesque superstar Michelle L’amour, in repose, reading a book, which prompted him to remark, “I like the image.”

And so the couple began thinking about NGR as a form of entertainment. They considered, then rejected a pay-per-view website as being too prurient. They then hit upon the idea of a tasteful, old-style salon. They also discovered that naked girls reading has been a favourite subject of painters and photographers throughout the centuries.

Says L’amour: “We hold the series every month at my studio. Each evening has a theme, and each girl selects her own material which can come from fiction, non-fiction, song lyrics or poetry. For example, for the “Independent Women” show, readings included Dorothy Parker, Mae West and Coco Chanel. We publish the reading lists on our nakedgirlsreading.com website.”

NGR came to Toronto this past March when the strip divas of Skin Tight Outta Sight Rebel Burlesque held their first salon. Co-producers L’amour and Vivid licence out the trademarked name after carefully screening the quality of the applicants. The format is generally four or five readers who take 10-minute turns, ending with a group read from a common book. The readers usually perch demurely on a chaise.

Skin Tight NGR themes have included bedtime stories, Mother’s Day, and queer lit. The theme of the 2010 festival is MeTOPolis: The Future of Burlesque, and so the readings are science fiction. In fact, San Francisco’s Lady Monster knows Leonard Nimoy/Mr. Spock personally and consulted him about her reading selections.Skin Tight’s Sauci Calla Horra is the executive producer of the burlesque festival, and has performed in NGR salons. “It’s all about glamour and presentation,” she says. “You wouldn’t think something naked would require so many clothes, but you have to decide on the proper jewellery, shoes, perhaps stockings and special accessories to fit the theme.”

Continue reading here.

What an idea. I decided though it was too risqué to post to the library blog, but I had to share it somewhere. Actually the E.I.C. suggested I post it. I could see this being very popular, but not coming to a small country town like ours any time soon. It has it’s own website too..

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Our Flash Sound Booth Or The Things We Do For Love…

In our quest for the right sound for the podcast, we realised that we were getting too much background noise, and not enough dampening. We had piled pillows, closed curtains, contorted into odd places and shapes. Now we have found what could be the ideal location. It’s our own personalised sound booth, replete with plush dampers.

So there will be the E.I.C., shut in the wardrobe, talking to herself….

The things she does for love 🙂


A Break In The Routine

For a change I wrote a short story tonight. I don’t think this one will turn into a novel though 😉

I had thought of trying my hand at writing a story for the Sunday Star Time Short Story competition, but the E.I.C. says I have ended up writing something more suitable for the People’s Friend. 🙂

She is most likely right! I shall leave it for a couple of days and then come back to it later to see if it needs work. I don’t think I will try and make it right for the competition though as it is a gentle story, which I really quite happy with.