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Editing What I Thought I Wrote, Not What I Did Write, And The Redundancies of Dishwashers

The editing process is quite interesting, in a painful sort of way. Apart from finding the wrong there, their or they’re, and of or off floating though the manuscript. There is also the passages where in my head I wrote something, which didn’t quite relate to what I typed. 🙂

And then having the E.I.C. come along and find more, as when I am reading to edit, I often read what I think I wrote not what I thought I wrote. That’s so confusing. I can see why the editing process can be difficult. One gets so close to what one is writing that one losses focus of it’s bad spots. “Every single word is a perfectly placed gem.” 😆

If I every get to the stage where a professional editor is working with me to get it published I hope that I will be prepared. I understand  it can be quite brutalizing, especially for those who feel that their work is perfect the way it is.

In a completely random change of topic, we sold our dishwasher this morning. Having moved out here we have used it not at all, and we didn’t think we would. Mainly because it would chew through the water, and being on a water tank makes you very aware of your water use! So away it goes, and in it’s place we need to find some nice wicker baskets… 🙂


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