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A Little Crafty Hippy Dream

Since we are doing this whole hippy lifestyle dream, with chickens, land and fruit trees, the E.I.C. decided that our lack of skills on the craft front was letting the side down. 😆

She has decided to try knitting again, having many years ago tried it for a while. For myself, I like cross-stitch, having done a couple of small ones previously. With this in mind we had a quick trip to spotlight to pick up some materials.

The E.I.C. is knitting a jersey for the smallest boy, and I finished this ladybird cross-stitch. 🙂

I might get something larger, but it will have to wait until I have finished editing The Spiral Tattoo. In fact it might be a good thing to get a big one then, as the E.I.C. will be casting her eye over the manuscript, and doing a cross-stitch will help me keep out of her hair.


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